A Long Flight Over

The first hurdle in getting from Australia to Europe is the mammoth amount of flying…because it’s in the other side if the world you know…
I flew with Asiana airlines, with a stopover in Incheon, S Korea.
A 19hr overnight stopover to be precise. A stop over is almost inevitable for these long haul flights, so I approached mine as an opportunity. You can’t see much in such a short amount of time, but if you make the most of your time, it can almost become a destination itself. Incheon airport is actually nowhere near Seoul, don’t be deceived, but it’s consistently rated in the top three airports of the world; I stayed in a luxe transit hotel, enjoyed free wifi throughout the whole airport and took one of the free transit tours available to all transit passengers. This one only took an hour (transport time included) but it was super nice to step out of the airport if only for an hour.




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