First Timers to Paris

I arrived in the city of lights via the Eurostar from London and quickly settled down with a drink. Paris took us first to the Notre Dame by night, where the amazing fire dancers took our breath away with their displays of grace and skill.


The next day we climbed the Eiffel Tower. That’s right, climbed those 705 steps because it’s a) significantly cheaper than taking a lift and b) a much shorter line, because even if you turn up before opening time, those lines will be 100 people deep. Logic defies the queues in Europe I’ve discovered. But hey, its much more satisfying to walk up, and to be frank, I saw young children doing it, so you can too. Ps – don’t wear a dress up there, no matter how cute and French you think you look, because it is quite windy up there and you will probably flash your underwear to a 40-year old man, just saying.


Highlights from the following day included at wander up to the Montemarte area, which includes the Sacre Coer and the Moulin Rouge, but is very arty and fun in its own right and it deserved way more time than I had to give that day. Also, went up the Arc de Triomphe. For views of the city, this beats the Eiffel Tower hands down. For one, it has the Tower prominently in view. But most importantly, you don’t feel like you are taking in the city from a can of sardines. There’s so much more room up there, which results in a much more pleasant experience. Plus, if you go towards sunset, you can time it with the ceremony of the eternal flame over the tomb of the unknown soldier.

I did so much more than this, but there is also so much left that I want to see. Paris is a great city, and its more than great viewing spots and art museums. Make sure you leave some time to just hangout. Go the Latin Quarter, walk along the Seine.


Paris was magical, but next, it’s time to get steamy in the south of Spain.

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