Exploring Pamplona

Most famous for the San Fermin festival, or The Running of the Bulls as you may know it better, Pamplona (or Iruna in Basque)is a smallish town in the Navarra region with an affinity for bulls and Hemingway. While the crowds flock to the town and its near impossible to find a spare square inch during San Fermin (6-14 July), it’s a whole different story another time of the year. The Plaza de Castillo forms the centre piece of the town, and the first place I went to on my visit.


From here, you can explore the cobbled streets of Pamplona’s old town, grab some pinxtos and a drink while you imagine the chaos of a bull running through here. What else is there to do in Pamplona though? There’s a few parks through the city (one has a small herd of moose and peacocks for some reason), a couple of sweet vantage points for views of Navarra. You may also pass by a large castle/church thing, Pamplona is along the Camino de Santiago route as so there are trekkers passing through on pilgrimage. The bull fighting ring is also the third largest in Spain I think, if you’re into that sort of “entertainment”.

I quite enjoyed my trip to Pamplona, it made for a quick and easy excursion from San Sebastian, but its definitely a place that only needs say half/one day at max. Unless you’re here for the madness of the bulls.



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