Exploring Biarritz

Second post for the Bask in Basque series, focusing on areas in and around the Basque Country that I’m visiting from San Sebastian. We head over the France this week for a visit to the coastal town of Biarritz, located in the French Basque Country. From San Sebastian, it only took us a one hour bus trip to arrive at Biarritz, famous for being the French resort town of the rich and famous.

The first place we headed to was the beach, framed by natural rock arches and pillars. The rocky coast creates interesting beaches and formations that are great to walk along.

Biarritz coast

Other than the stunning beaches and coastline, Biarritz has a cute shopping and cafe scene which is fun to spend and couple of hours browsing through, whilst eating French pastries of course. Common opinion was that eating out could be a little bit pricey in Biarritz, but not too extravagant.


For me, Biarritz was definitely a town best enjoyed on a nice day, split between relaxing on the beach, swimming in the water of the Basque coast and browsing shops, giant macaroon in hand. If you do luck out and the weather is terrible, they have a great aquarium and a chocolate museum (yay!) for some indoor fun. We never got time for this, but overall, Biarritz was a beautiful little day trip to make, crossing international borders for the day to see more of the amazing Basque Country.

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  1. Miss Chipie says:

    I love to visit the Basque Country too. I had a lovely time in Guethary, Bidart and Biarritz. Beautiful places.

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