Promises Every Traveller Breaks

Before I left home, I had a little list of things that I said I would never do while I was travelling and studying abroad. However, it goes to show that despite all intentions, I did eventually end up doing all these things I swore I wouldn’t. And I swear you probably will too!

Go to a McDonald’s/Starbucks/any generic food chain

I thought I would never need to step foot in one of these places, that I would have no need with the temptations of local European eateries. The truth? Lasted about 3 days before I needed WIFI whilst out one day.

Spend a whole day doing nothing

It’s such a once-in-a-lifetime adventure I told myself, why would you ever want to waste a day inside, doing nothing? Here’s a couple of suggestions for past me: hangover, rain, hangover, feel sick, hangover, just need a freakin chill day, hangover. There, you have my permission to enjoy guilt-free days in bed watching movies.


Get homesick

Homesickness will happen to everyone, at different times, at different points of their travels. Maybe there’s an initial culture shock, and you are overwhelmed from the very beginning. For me, it’s when I slowed down, started getting into “normal life” but started noticing things that made me miss home. And it crept up on me. But just pick yourself up and continue to enjoy everything there is to offer again!

Make comparisons to home

You expect that things will be different in way that you could and could not imagine. I said I was never going to be that obnoxious traveller who rolled their eyes and cultural differences, or who got frustrated with variances in daily life. I realised I’d become this person one Sunday when I wandered down to the supermarket and discovered they ALL close on Sundays. Which resulted in a very unappreciative rant against the economy, the government etc etc. Hey, ever stop to think they are closed so workers can spend the day away from work? All I’m saying is things will be different, so there’s no need to compare it to home, and complain about the differences you’re not used to yet

My cosy little apartment bedroom

It’s all part of the travel experience, so embrace the good and difficult, the challenges and euphoria. Let me know about your experiences!

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  1. Everything you said I have also done haha so true!

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