Coffee Cups & Comedy Shows

In another unusually hot October day for Sydney, I proved that dreams do come true… if your dream is to sit in a promotional pop-up cafe replicating your favourite TV show of all time. Last Tuesday I visited Stan’s F*R*I*E*N*D*S pop up cafe in Hyde Park, designed to look like the iconic Central Park cafe that we spent ten years on with 6 New Yorkers who lived in apartments far bigger than their salaries should have allowed. Stan were there promoting the addition of all ten seasons of FRIENDS to the Australian & NZ service, giving away free coffee and a 2 month subscription, as well as the opportunity for a photo-op on the brown couch. It’s pretty small, and lacks the cosy atmosphere of Central Perk, but still a great move by the Stan marketing team. My hot tip? Even if you go alone and feel like you’re about to die from the irony of it all, get a photo of yourself on the couch. It’s your only chance to live out this very specific dream after all.

Later that evening, I crossed off something from my new 100 List! Look, I’ll admit I put it on there because I knew I had tickets beforehand, but it still counts! So that was be in a studio audience. My cousin and I took our priority tickets to the ABC studio in Ultimo and nabbed ourselves front row seats to watch Ep 5 of The Gruen with Will Anderson. It seems like a silly thing to have on a 100 list, but it was really interesting to see how a TV show in front of an audience plays out. Plus turns out Will Anderson’s sense of humour is a lot more adult than the 8:30pm time slot allows, so that was fun. I guess I’ll have to up the ante for a new 100 entry, like be on a TV show perhaps?? Home & Away extra here I come!

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