My favourite desserts from around the world

One of the best things about travelling is getting to try food from around the world. I’m a massive sweet tooth and would happily have a piece of cake for dinner! If you’re anything like me, then you should keep reading for some of my favourite sweet things from all around the world!

United States of America

When it comes to imaginative desserts, I don’t think there are many other places that can beat out the USA. Whilst Americans might consider The Cheesecake Factory to be a regular restaurant franchise, as a visitor it blew me away. It wins hands down for its range of cheesecakes and generous portions and you could go there for weeks and still be trying new flavours! Long live the cheesecake!



I’m not sure if tea and scones really count as a dessert, but they are a British icon, and they come with cream, so I say yes. Is there anything better than a nice cuppa, with some freshly bakes scones, clotted cream and jam? Probably not. It’s a “dessert” for anytime of the day really.



I don’t even know how to pick just one dessert in France, it was near impossible! Eclairs, profiteroles, sweet crepes, traditional parties all come to mind, but in the end I chose the humble macaron. Although humble may not the be right word for such a biscuit, its airy texture, and range of exquisite range of colours and flavours pushes this sweet little treat ahead of its French friends.



I had never considered Morocco to be a dessert destination, but this custard-filled pastry blew me away as I sat by the Moroccan seaside. There a hundreds of bakeries serving up a range of Moroccan sweets and pastries that you have to try to find room for after all that tajine.



Ahh well this would come as no surprise, but you can’t go past a Portuguese tart whilst in Portugal. They are seriously all I ate, mostly due to my healthy love of custard! Lisbon has a bakery that has been serving the city its tarts for over two hundred years, and it’s the most popular place to buy them!



You really can’t go past churros whilst in Spain. In my experience, they are good for any meal of the day, a hungover morning, and to be perfectly honest, just whenever you have a spare five minutes in the day. I visited Chocolateria San Gines in Madrid for the churros con chocolate that has drawn in celebrities and people around the world, all for a mug of their rich chocolate sauce.



A simple coffee and cake is the go in Austria, a beloved tradition of this alpine country. Strudel is typically the favourite, but the chocolate cakes are so rich and dense that they fill you up and make you want to stay curled up in the cosy cafe for the entire day. A dessert that gives me that feeling is pretty good in my books!



Kürtőskalács – or simply Kurtosh – are a doughy, sugary twirl of heaven. You’ll see them more often at Christmas, head towards to the Christmas markets and grab one after they finished baking over the hot coals. The sugar and butter variation is the original, but you can also get them with other toppings such as almonds, apple or cinnamon. I cannot stress enough how delicious these were! It making me Hungary just thinking about it…


Honorable mention…San Sebastian

Spain already had a mention with its churros, but I couldn’t post about this and leave off this Tamborrada cake. This adorable little cake is only served once a year in San Sebastian, to coincide with the Tamborrada festival in January, an event celebrated by people taking to the streets dressed as soldiers, chefs, maids playing with their, yeah you guessed it, drum bands. I had to get one of these simply due to the way they looked!



I might be a little biased, but I believe I left the best till last. The pavlova, whilst it originated in New Zealand, has become a beloved centrepiece of the Australian summer. A soft, meringue nest is covered with hand-whipped cream – definitely not the canned stuff – and then decorated with fresh, seasonal fruits. This dessert makes me think of home and family, and is the first thing I want when I arrive back in Australia


There’s still many more desserts I need to try, such as Italian gelato, Belgian waffles and Japanese mochi, so this is just the start. Remember – life is too short not to eat dessert!

What are some of the best desserts you’ve ever eaten? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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