Enjoying Sydney In The Winter

When you think of Sydney, you probably imagine yourself sunning your pasty winter bod’ on Bondi Beach with a freshly squeezed juice in hand. Or maybe instagramming a sunny shot of you; wind in the hair as you sail around the Opera House and under the Harbour Bridge.

Unfortunately, Sydney does experience a winter just like most other places in the world. Now, I’m sure our European friends would scoff at us rugging up at 15 degrees, but it’s still definitely not tanning weather. So what to do when you turn up and the sky is grey and the wind is nipping your fingertips off?

Despair not! We’ve got a guide that will have you feeling warm inside again, whilst making the most of your time in this harbourside city.

Eat, drink and be merry at Sydney’s many bars and restaurants

Sydney loves a drink, so pull up a stool at a traditional pub or take a dive into one of the many small bars around town. You can’t swing a cat around in Surry Hills without hitting a new bar or cafe, or head towards to Newtown to see where everyone is spending their Saturday nights.


Take a winter walk

A sunny winter day is actually a glorious thing, it’s all sunshine without the sweat of summer. If the sun is shining, throw a few layers on and try one of Sydney’s many coastal strolls. Most can be accessed by public transport and the off-season will let you have the trail to almost entirely to yourself.

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Release your inner child

Being an adult is strictly for Monday to Friday only; weekends are a time to forget about jobs and bills, and to have some fun. Winter sees the Cool Yule Festival arrive in Darling Harbour, where an ice skating rink and other winter wonderland activities are in place – snowball fight? Or if ice-skating isn’t your thing, take the ferry over the Luna Park and try your luck on the clowns or ride the rollercoaster.


Check out Sydney’s busiest festival

Vivid Sydney is an annual festival that runs in June and is a perennial favourite amongst locals and visitors alike. The main attraction is the lights festival, seeing places like the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and city skyline ablaze in technicolour, but it is truly a festival for ides, art and music as well. This is a good one for budding photographers!


Do you have any suggestions for visiting Sydney in the winter? Where’s your favourite winter city?


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