A deer bit my vagina, & other stories from Japan

A Deer Bit My Vagina

The city of Nara (pop. >360,000) is located in the Kansai region, an easy 45min train ride from both Kyoto and Osaka aboard Japan Rail. Nara was the capital city of Japan 710-794, as the remains from this golden age remain in the temples that are scattered around the city. However, it’s now better known for the free-roaming deer in Nara Park, and the deer is now a cultural icon of the city. When you arrive you’ll find people selling sika senbei deer crackers to feed to the deer. One stack of these is plenty and won’t set you back much at all.

Now apparently there is a way to get the deer to bow before taking the cracker from your hand, but unfortunatly I was trying to juggle some luggage and maps at the same time and they just ambushed me! Taking bites out of the maps, stealing crackers from my hand – it was madness! And while other people are getting polite deer bowing for their biscuit, I had one come up and nip me right on the crotch. Bloody typical.

Karma strikes back

Senso-ji temple, in the Asakusa district of Tokyo, is an ancient Buddhist temple – it is actually one of Tokyo’s oldest and most important temples! The Nakamise Shopping Street leading up to the temple gets pretty busy, as does the temple area itself. So I decided I would head up nice and early after breakfast to enjoy some temple serenity before another day of Tokyo madness. At the temple you can drop in 100 Yen and pull out a numbered fortune. Yeah, but I’d just used up a lot of coins (they were weighing me down) and only had 50 Yen in small coins. So I chucked that in and grabbed a randomly selected fortune anyway (I know, I know).

No.3 Bad Fortune

Although you do your best and sincerity to other, it is useless, just like burning incense to the sky

Even if it may be a small loyalty, a good deed prevents casing damage. You spend a log, hard time working on useless things.

*Your wishes will not be realised *A sick person will recover but take a little while *Making a trip will not be good *Marriage or employment should be stopped *The lost article will not be found *The person you are waiting for will show up after a long time

Wow, alright. Take the 500 Yen coin I had. I wasn’t going to use that for lunch anyway.

A Japanese Shower Dilemma

On my very last night in Japan I was staying in a capsule hotel, that had traditional Japanese style baths – communal bathing area where you sit on a stool a wash thoroughly before entering the hot bath. Now, the first night was no problem, there’s no shame in the human body after all. But on my last day – and spoiler alert, this is going down a very female route – I got my period. No dramas while travelling normally, but what to do in the communal wash area? Go in with a string hanging down? Couldn’t not use anything though, there was only one drain in the center. In hindsight, they probably had private showers somewhere, but it’s a bit late for the packet of wet wipes I used to freshen up with instead of a shower that day. Lucky my flight was the next day!

Thanks for sticking out my somewhat personal stories aha, it’s always good to show to show the good, bad and somewhat disgusting of travel. Do you have any off beat stories from your travels? Share in the comments!

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