Travel predictions for 2017

Every year seems to be defined by a few big trends in travel. You know, suddenly you seem to see everyone posting pics from the beaches of Thailand, or soaking in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. So what are my predictions for the destinations that will fill your Instagram feed in 2017?


Source: Flickr

If it feels like we’ve already reached peak Cuba, then brace yourself because 2017 will be the Year. Of. Cuba. It’s not hard to see the appeal; a nostalgic fondness for a reminder of a simpler time is a strong drawcard. You won’t be the only person jostling to get in before it risks losing its charm!

Sri Lanka

Source: Flickr

Sri Lanka has felt like a whispered secret on the tip of everyone’s tongue, but this year will be when the cat’s out of the bag and everyone will be scrambling to get some time on this beautiful island paradise, known for its gorgeous tea plantations and elephant sanctuaries.

Cook Islands (and the Pacific Islands in general)

Source: Flickr

The Pacific Islands are currently staring down the barrel of climate change and more and more people will be visiting to see what we’ll lose if we don’t act fast enough. Cook Islands have had a record year of arrivals, and with a fresh new agency on their tourism account, expect this tiny island group to be leading the charge.


Source: Flickr

Whilst China is already been a fairly established destination, a recent agreement to substantially increase the number of seats between Australia and major Chinese cities; as well as increased competition between low cost Chinese carriers, will see more Australians visiting our populous neighbour.



Japan is another destination that you probably heard plenty about in 2016, but this year you’ll finally decide to take the plunge and head over to the Land of the Rising Sun. Delicious street food options, quirky accommodation opportunities and more low-cost airfares will highlight Japan as a destination for even the most budget-conscious traveller.

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I’d love to know where you’re planning on travelling to in 2017!

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