Riding the world’s steepest railway

In the Blue Mountains, about 1.5 hours west of Sydney is the world’s steepest passenger railway, making a 52 degree incline over a very brief 310m trip.

Which may mean nothing to those of us who didn’t pay attention when angles were being taught. It’s pretty steep, it certainly feels that way, and they definitely amp up the adventurous atmosphere by playing the Indiana Jones theme song upon your descent.

Don’t pack away your fedora and whip when you get to the bottom though, because you’ve got the option iof three different paths through the rainforest before you reach the Scenic Cableway to take you back up past the cliff edges to higher grounds.

Once you’ve conquered those, you may as well take the Scenic Skyway across the chasm for  some pretty decent views of Orphan a Rock and the Three Sisters. *Bonus fact – this is classic date from the Bachelor/Bachelorette AU series. You can choose to stay onboard the sky gondola, but it comes highly recommended to disembark and go for a wander round for a classic viewpoint of the famous Three Sisters rock formation.

Overlooking the Blue Mountains

Is it a well-oiled, tourist operation? Yes. Should you do it? Well that depends on what you want to get out of it. You can get better views of the Blue Mountains for free, and have a much more “authentic experience” while you’re at it. But for the ease and convenience of an solid introduction to the Blue Mountains, it’s a pretty decent starting point.

Prices for all three attractions: $39 per adult – book in advance during busy periods
Find it in: Katoomba, open 9 – 5

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