7 Ways to Beat the Post-Travel Slump

As any avid traveller can attest to, it’s harder to come back than it is to leave. Even if you begin to miss the comforts of home, or land with a renewed sense of appreciation for home, it’s not long before you start to resent the routine and yearn for a trip now taken. But if your bank account or annual leave won’t allow for another adventure just yet, there are ways to scratch those itchy feet and beat the post-travel blues…

Sort through photos/mementos

When you first start to feel the pangs of travel nostalgia, start by going through your 3000+ photos from you previous trip(s). Try your hand a some basic photo editing if you haven’t already and you might find some hidden gems. And as for all those ticket stubs and city maps you’ve brought home with you…

Get crafty

The art of craft aint dead yet. I have a soft spot for scrapbooking, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon laying out all those bits and pieces you collected on the road. then when you feel like a trip down memory lane, you’ve got a tactile reminder of everything from tickets bought for the early morning bus ride, to the last few coins you found in your pocket a few days after you got back. Pinterest is your go-to for beautiful ways to display your mementos, so be sure to grab yourself some craft-spiration.

Themed night out

Head out on the town and have an international inspired night. Find the most authentic Japanese/Italian/Mexican/whatever else restuarant, have a delicious dinner and then do as they do in Rome…but in your home town (unless that is Rome, awks). Could be hitting up karaoke, wandering the streets with gelato, or listening to some live music. Whatever reminds you of a favourite place!

Educate yourself

Double whammy because not only will this distract you from the urge to travel, but it will also make you a better human, guaranteed. Take some language classes, teach yourself how to cook a favourite international dish, watch a foreign film or read a book by an author from somewhere else. A well-informed traveller is a better traveller after all!

Be a tourist in your own city

It can sometimes be hard to see the attraction in a place you’ve woken up to a thousand times. But don’t forget, there are people who dream about visiting the place you might take for granted. Ask yourself, where would I take a visitor to my town/city? Then, take yourself there! Try to see it through new eyes and you’ll enjoy a day exploring your own city.

Put pen to paper

Or well, fingers to keyboard. Start a travel blog just for fun, or write a short story. It’s a great way to feel like you are contributing knowledge and experience that might help someone in planning their next trip.

Plan your next one!

It’s never too early to start planning your next trip. Fill your inbox with flight sales, browse a hundred guidebooks and pour over maps. Call me a nerd, but planning is half the fun!

I hope this has helped to soothe restless souls for a small while. Do you have any other suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

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