Long weekend on the Gold Coast

I love a good long weekend, relish that extra day that gives you just enough time and freedom to make a quick plane trip worthwhile. A while ago, I booked a trip up to the Gold Coast (via Brisbane) over the January 26 long weekend, and now after a busy January, it was finally here….

Things to know about travelling to Romania

Romania doesn’t lie on the typical Europe tourist trail. With 9.3 million visitors a year, it is only the 17th most visited country in Europe & Central Asia (World Bank Tourism; 2015). And the number of Australians visiting Romania in that same time period? Roughly 2,000, making it our 105th most popular holiday destination (Department…

An afternoon in Bucharest

I arrived into Bucharest’sย Henri Coandฤƒ International Airport from Athens on a dreary, overcast morning. With intentions to head off to Translvania that afternoon, I didn’t have long up my sleeve to take in Romania’s diverse capital city. After taking the bus from the airport to the Gare de Nord and purchasing my train ticket to…

A student’s guide to Cambridge

Cambridge, one of the UK’s two iconic university cities, is a popular destination for visitors who come the bask in the idyllic setting, collegiate stories and English history. On my first trip though, I was lucky to be able to delve deeper than the top-level tourist veneer. Here to visit a good friend, and Cambridge…

Weekend in Canberra

Australia’s humble capital city is packed with things to see, do and eat